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Thread: The custom content folder

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    The custom content folder


    I have just downloaded my version of ArtRage 4.0.6 onto my new computer and I notice that when I select OPEN to open an image, the CUSTOM CONTENT FOLDER is listed there.

    Usually, on the earlier version of ArtRage (pro 3.5) I just have the images I am working on listed there and not this folder. Should this be listed or can I move the Customer Content Folder to where it should be?


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    Me again. Can anyone help me with this query?

    I had installed the ArtRage 4 onto my old Laptop with windows 7 and now the new updated version of ArtRage 4 onto my new Desktop with windows 8.1 and on both I have the Customr Content Folder showing in the list of images that I can open on ArtRage.

    Can anyone let me know how I can remove the Custom Content folder from this list and put it where it is supposed to be?


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    This isn't a bug - the Custom Content Folder was moved into the ArtRage paintings folder so that users could access it more easily (it used to be buried in amongst all the other ArtRage program files). It's not actually an image, it's just a folder icon.

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