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Thread: Yoann Lori - Caricatures and else

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    Yoann, Eighty likes to have a go at copying work done by others. He is our most prolific and loved member on our forum, and comes up with some fascinating efforts. I have a folder full of his works.

    Lots of fun!

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    Yoann, welcome, always a pleasure to see what can be done with ArtRage in the hands of a talented professional, love this drawing and can't wait to see more... do you use a desktop system and a Wacom stylus, or work on iPad?

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    Great drawing. Very good. And welcome, mon ami!

    Eighty+ likes to learn to draw from copying other artist's work. So he's asking permission whether he can copy your work to learn from. Believe me, it's meant to be a compliment. He also has a unique way of typing. Imagine speaking to someone with a particular British dialect rather than the English they would teach in school. So online translators may not know what to do with some of the words. But once you know how he communicates, it's easy and always either flattering or humorous -- or both at the same time.

    So: He likes your drawing very much and would like to try copying it, if you wouldn't mind allowing him to do so. He also may be asking to copy any later drawings you post, if the spirit moves him to try copying it. Think of it like a form of comradeship, similar to kicking a football back and forth and learning tricks from each other.
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    Yikes Awesome work! Really great stuff.

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    Such great drawing and brilliant portrait of an talented artist too. I like this actor a lot. Welcome to Artrage forum, can't wait to see more from your works

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    @stevemawmv : Thanks a lot ! More work will come soon (hopefully). I also hope everyone in here already saw GoT's first season because if not what you wrote is a major spoiler !

    @MKROOT : Thank you very much !

    @copespeak : Thanks for your answer. I assumed it was something like that but needed it clear before answering.

    @gxhpainter : Thanks for your comment. As I said before, I'm still discovering the software and will try other tools in the future. About your Question, I have a PC desktop and a Wacom intuos 4M.

    @D Akey : Thank you so much. I now understand what Eighty+ meant. Thanks to you and copespeak for that !

    @Victor Osaka : Thanks a bunch for your comment !

    @pai : Thanks a lot ! more work is on the way !

    @Eighty+ : Now that I'm sure of what you meant, I can tell you that you are more than welcome to copy anything you want from my work. It will be an honor. I'm also glad that you discovered your passion at 60 ! Better later than never. The important thing is that you enjoy doing it !

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    Thanks. Yoann I will try but can't say what the result will be as you put in so much detail in ok

    Thanks E+

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    Looking forward to see your movie, dear Yoann when You will be able (pretty soon if I remember). I'm sure it will be most enlighting as a lesson. Thank You in advance!
    Even without becoming a professional and achieving Your outstanding results, curiously I share Your drawing passion from childhood too. I
    As a matter of fact I was hardly one year old when I started holding the pencil correctly and drawing a little better than mere scribbles and at an age of two I already portrayed one of my grannies in a quite recognizable way. Unfortunately my progress slowed down after I ceased to emulate the various comics styles I liked (to self teach myself), when I started university and work (although most of my colleagues, either alone or in a group, soon got caricatures during meetings giving me quite a fame ). Therefore I think I can still appreciate well enough a very talented pencil artist as you are and the degree of skill a drawing requires and You're outstanding on both!.
    Panta rei (everything flows)!

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    I LOVE it and look forward to seeing more of your work. Terrific piece.
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    Fantástico, reflejo de una excelente técnica,....felicitaciones!

    Great, a result of an excellent technique .... congratulations!
    Regards from Chile
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