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Thread: Ahh!! I've lost my latest work.

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    Ahh!! I've lost my latest work.

    Hi Everyone,

    I have been working on a commissioned portrait, and saving my work as usual, throughout the painting process. It was really progressing well but during the last save the program crashed taking all my previously saved work with it
    When I checked the ptg file it shows the portrait in the thumbnail and thought I would post on the off chance that there is some way of retrieving the file??!


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    You say the file shows a thumbnail of the painting still which is encouraging. All may not be lost.
    Start AR and then go to File > 'Import Image File…' and point AR at your damaged file and see what you get.
    One of the things AR dose at the start of the save process is to make a single layer image of your work first. And it is this image you can sometimes get back.
    All the layers, paint depth, wetness info etc… will be gone but you will at least have something.

    If I may add, in general it's never a good idea to save continually over the same file. Much better to make incremental versions of your painting as you go. Then when disaster strikes or you decide you don't like where the painting is heading, you still have an earlier version to fall back to.
    You can do this yourself by hand as it were and/or you can turn on AR4's automatic version saving in AR's preferences, under 'Advanced Preferences' > 'Store Backup Files'. You can set the number of version there too.
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    Try opening up AR and go to File>Recent Files and see if it's there?

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    thanks guys I tried all the methods but no luck... but not to worry, I started over and have almost finished the portrait. Saved in numerous layers like you suggested Mark
    I used to save incrementally but I was happy with the way this one was going, so I think I got a bit too confident !! lol

    Thanks again


    (Your suggestion to open to layer did work Mark, but as the single layer was covered in pencil marks, I had to discard it )
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    I'm sorry to hear you lost you rwork!

    If you email us at we might be able to rescue something. But usually your best chance is Importing the damaged file, and if that isn't getting you the image you need, we may not be able to do much more.

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