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Thread: Lose of quality after saving

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    Lose of quality after saving

    Hi I am new to the board. I have noticed at times when I export an image, usually in jpeg that the quality just isnt as sharp and clear as it was when I had art rage opened. Is there something I should be doing differently?

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    Go into Edit>Art Rage Preferences and change the quality.

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    The loss of quality is due to compression levels. Certain file types were designed to minimize the size of image files (in terms of bytes, not dimension) for use online. Jpg's are one of these types, where the file size may be adjusted to a lower amount, but that comes at the cost of visual quality. Fortunately, ArtRage allows you to adjust how much compression you place upon you exported jpeg's. Unfortunately, I'm currently reformatting my computer, because of a hardware crash, so I can't walk you directly to the option, but if you go to Edit > ArtRage Preferences and go through a few of the groups, you should be able to the slide bar to adjust the compression level. If it's imperative the image is kept at its highest level of quality, you should export it as a PNG image instead, which is a lossless file type. Remember, however, that this means the images file size may be quit large.

    EDIT - alas... Typing on an ipad has slowed me down, so Cospeak has beat me to the punch, lol. I'll leave my post up though, for the info on the file types.
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