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Thread: Brushes/Stickers, Stencils, Colors and other things!

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    Brushes/Stickers, Stencils, Colors and other things!

    Figured I'd start a thread for everything I want to share. Gonna take me a little bit to get everything organized. I still have more brushes and Stencils to add just check back. And please let me know if you have any issues.

    If you are new to Artrage:
    These are all arpacks to keep installation easy. Just download the zip file extract it and use the arpack. Just double click it and artrage should open up and guide you through the rest. To keep from closing and reopening artrage over and over after you have done one of them, (within artrage) just go to File>Install Package File. Then navigate to the next arpack.

    Thank you.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The picture only shows a few of the stencils and brushes/stickers here. Please try them all.


    A package with 17 brushes some very useful some experimental. Since these are just the stickers there are no presets when you use them with the Sticker spray tool so please experiment with them and see what kind of textures and effects you can get.


    Here is a collection of Stencils I have made up over some time. Lots of texture stencils. Some experimental. The names aren't exactly accurate on some of them that just what they reminded me of. For instance there are some named "Leaves". The only reason they are named Leaves is because I there were made from a couple of images with a lot of trees. I was experimenting to see what would come out of it.

    Color Samples:

    Hair & Flesh Tones:
    The hair and flesh tones were quite a lot of work to get together. I also went through the torture of downloading tons of very gory and graphic images to get accurate blood, muscle, & rotting flesh tones for those times when you want to paint a zombie or something else that requires
    wounds. I gathered tons of hair color samples tried to arrange them in 3 different pallets one for Dark, one for Medium, and one for light. The red hair tones would be located in the Medium pallete. The skin tones are in a single pallet. I thought about arranging them from African American, Mexican/indian, and Caucasian. But I didnt want to offend anyones race so I just threw them all on the same pallet.

    Value Scales:

    I made a package with various value scales of different colors. Didn't count them maybe 10 different scales in this one. I find these pretty helpful when trying to find the next tone I need when I'm trying to shade with color. You may be surprised how often these will come in handy.

    Thats all for now please check back for more and please let me know what you think.
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    Quote Originally Posted by justjean View Post
    Your Welcome! Please check back for more!

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    Thank you CMD, there are some beauties in there!

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    Quote Originally Posted by copespeak View Post
    Thank you CMD, there are some beauties in there!
    Your welcome. Enjoy.

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