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Thread: Emergency! How to invert colors?!!

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    Emergency! How to invert colors?!!

    Hey guys, i have a black on white artrage sketch that i want to turn into a white on black do i invert the colors, or make it negative? Im in a time crunch so if you know PLEASE tell me! Thanks!

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    I don't think there is a strait "Invert Colour" command AR? However...
    If you have the line work on a separate layer, select that layer, then go to; 'Edit' > 'Adjust Layer Colours…' In the window that opens push the Brightness all the way up and your lines will turn white.
    Do the revers on the layer you want to darken.
    If every thing is already flattened to one layer then you will need to select areas with the "Wand" selection tool to isolate them first and then use the 'Adjust Layer Colour…' as mentioned above. It has to be said though that this way can give less than satisfactory results depending on how good the wand tool did it's job.
    Hope this is of some help. Good luck!
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    Please refer to my post in your duplicate thread, here:
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    Yep, please don't make duplicate threads. I'm closing this one to avoid confusion

    (And another option is to SELECT all of the black lines and then fill them with white, or collapse all the black lines onto a single layer and make a stencil out of it ).

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