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Thread: New Tablet!!

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    New Tablet!!

    Hi, I just purchased a new graphics tablet. I got a Wacom Intuos CLT-480 small pen. I was using a Genius M610X 6"X10" and an old Wacom Graphire 3. The Genius is a good tablet, nice size. Good response. A little big and not so portable. I only paid 48 bucks for the new Intuos. It was on sale one place and Future Shop price matched +10%. I love it already. Wacom really is the leader for tablets. It came with ArtRage 3 and I can upgrade to 4 for 27 bucks if I want. I might wait a while as I am currently not working.

    I had a chance to work with Corel Painter. Awsome program, as long as you have a powerful machine. Way better performance on my old dual core with ArtRage though. I hope that I can start to create art that is worthy of its greatness.


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    I got Painter with my Intuos, it's ok but I prefer AR. I was using a bamboo and bought my Intous in January, they're a pleasure to use.

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