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    Mags - Artrage stuff

    This is the original image of my grandmother as a young lady. I pulled the image into artrage and added color and smoothed out the skin.

    I wanted to keep the aged photo look though.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Carol Hunt Schouster (refurb) (2).jpg 
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Name:	Carol Hunt Schouster (original ) (Large).jpg 
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    This is wonderful , the way you've brought this photo to life. the eyes are stunning. I'm sure your Grandmother would love the results.

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    How beautiful it that. She really does have a wonderful smile. Lovely tribute
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    Great use of the tools! She looks like someone I might have gone to school with. . . wait. . . when I look at photos labeled 'Grandma as a girl' I think of the 1800s. I forget you're young, hahaha. I was thinking, that's a remarkably sharp photo for so far back. . . it wasn't that far back, hahahaha.

    Anyway, other than a ride in your time machine, it's a really great job you did. Sort of a cross between colorizing a photo and an artist's interpretation a wee bit.

    Good stuff!
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    Well done, kept all the details and the colouring is great.

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    I believe she was in her early teens when this was taken. She was born in 1942.

    She was the best grandma ever and she loved everything I did. Even when I painted her toilet at christmas when I was a year old. She didn't want anyone to clean it up. She was the kinda grandma who'd sit down and play in the mud puddles with you or play barbies... or even crash em up derby car stuff.

    Thanks for the kind comments. I work a lot of old photographs fixing blemishes even tears and errors. This one I felt needed some color so I brought it into artrage and played with layer transparency. Her eyes were that shade of fun blue so long as you didn't hear your "full" name being used... you were safe.

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    Your grandma looks great , and good restoration work on the photo

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