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Thread: Novice ArtRag and Wacom User Question

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    Novice ArtRag and Wacom User Question

    I purchased the Wacom tablet to draw clip art. I am a teacher and I have drawn clip art on the iPad, but I wanted to be able to draw more detailed clip art. The ArtRage software came with my purchase, along with a few other applications. I like ArtRage the best, but I'm having some difficulties. At times, the pen does not draw live. In other words, the drawings will show anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute later. I can't draw live and see the details as I draw. I'm not sure if is something I clicked with the pen or if it's the software response to the tablet. Any help would be very appreciated!!! Thanks!

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    Did you get a intuos wacom? I got one of those and it also came with ArtRage and a few other art software.
    It could be the program, but most likely it's your computer... maybe your computer doesn't like ArtRage and is acting up? My Wacom works just fine for everything...
    Did you contact Wacom? If you contact them:
    Then maybe they can answer your questions.
    Good luck and I hope you get to fix it soon.

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    If it came with a Wacom, then I'm guessing it is ArtRage Studio or Studio Pro.

    The delay sounds like you might be using a Mac, and just need the update for Mavericks (3.5.11)

    You can download the latest update from our site by registering your serial number in our member area at

    1/ Click 'create account' and follow the instructions if you haven't done so before

    2/ Log in, click 'register', then enter your serial number and click 'save'

    You should now see your serial number listed with a download button beneath. Click this button to download the latest Windows or OS X version of your software.

    If you are NOT using Mavericks, then it may be a tablet driver issue, though I'll need a few more details to be sure.

    If you need more help, can you contact us at with details about your computer, and the edition of ArtRage you are using?

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