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    Hey all

    Now - this has properly been done before so I understand if people get upset. I have looked about 3 pages in and couldn't find anything related which tells me this is due again anyway. There is an obvious

    Basically - What style do you use ArtRage for, and what techniques do you employ for that style?

    Myself - Digital Painting. I use a quite rather interesting technique - A simple sketch, followed by some rough blockage. After that, I use the paint tube to drop blobs of colours around the place and use the palette knife to form/smear/blend the blobs into a picture.

    Funny thing is that I really only use this technique because I still have no idea how to paint with a brush ops:

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    Not sure if I'm entitled to reply to this, but I feel compelled to do so!

    Yes, it took me a moment to get a grip on the brush myself! Until I figured out the "thinner amount" of the brush. It's fantastic and you should experiment with that, too!

    Basically what you would do is this: Coat your canvas with like 50% thinner on the brush, I usually do it with the same color that I've chosen for the canvas itself. Smoother gradients you lay down with a lot of thinner, almost or even a 100% and turn on "instant dry". First you do more radical colors, like for example a light blue for the basic coating of the background and then like a dark brown for the foreground (bottom of picture, for example). With the thinner high brush you then work your way up from the bottom of the picture with horizontal strokes. Keep picking colors and brushing to get gradually brighter from the dark brown to the light blue.
    To elevate shapes out of the gradient, like mountains or trees or buildings, just pick the color at the level/distance where you want such element to be and use less thinner on your brush. It makes each stroke more opaque right away.

    Also, if you were using little thinner to make massive forms very opaquely, you could use a brush with a lot of thinner later for smoother blending. In essence I use the brush itself for smearing more than the palette knife.

    For more accurate shapes the crayon and the pencil set to 100% soft and even the feltpen can be perfect. For some patterns or other brizzly type of shapes the charcol isn't halfbad as well as crayon on hard and little pressure. I really like what happens there.

    So ultimatively there's a lot to explore and the most important thing, I believe, is a strong starting point! If you know what to do with one tool and you have it under control, you can then move on savely to incorporate other tools.

    I hope that was helpful, even if funny, because I'm really just using artrage for a few days, more or less...but it already begins to make a whole lot of sense to me and is a tremendous blast!!!

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    Hi Taron,

    I think you explain very detailed on how to use brush to paint for a beginner like me . At least I can understand it step by step. Thanks for sharing your technique.

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    I have not used the thinner function much and have been using the paint tube and knife to do that extra blending. Thanks for the tip. Must try your methods Taron. Thought that I would share my process too

    I paint in Art Rage as I would on a canvas but there are a lot of differences which i've tried to expand on below.

    I usually sketch a rough drawing of the object I want to paint.

    I then select a colour based on the reference. I've tried two methods here - importing the reference and using the eye dropper or eye balling it. I'm leaning towards using the later method.

    I start with a large paint brush and start blocking in the colours and then continue to add layers of it. I'm usually on the blend mode with auto clean on. I toggle the instant dry switch when i want to put in a stroke without blending with the previous layer. I find that I go back and forth a lot but most of the time is spent in the blending mode. As I come closer to finishing the brush size reduces to size 1.

    Somethings that I have done only in my digital paintings using Art Rage - adding in lines with a marker. squeezing paint from the tube and spreading it with the palette knife. saving versions when i'm trying something new

    Of course right through I do a lot of editing, undos and occasionally erase. What i love about this software it comes closest to giving me the feel of working on a canvas plus I have all these extras.

    hope i havent misunderstood the q.

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