Perhaps could you help me on solving a importing file problem ?
My english isn’t so god so I try not to do to much spelling mistakes !
I’m using 3.5.11 Studio pro version
My operating system is windows XP AMD Athlon II X2 250 processor 3.01Ghz 3GoRAM
I use Artrage on a Cintiq21UX.

When I try to import a PSD or a TIFF file I have this error message:
“ Artrage didn”t recognize the format of the file selected as image format. Choose another image.”
When I try to import JPG file: either nothing happen or the image appears on the artrage page, but if I try to do something ( like for example duplicating this layer ) Artrage close immedialty without registering. If I registered the file before duplicating ( on this example ) the drawing appears on the icon of the file but the file is empty !

Informations about the files I try to import:
PSD file 407Mo one layer
TIFF file 24Mo
JPEG file 15Mo or 5Mo

The ways I try to import: by the menu bar then “file” then “import an image” or “import an image on a layer”. Or I slide the file from monitor 1 to cintiq21 then On the “slide image file” I choose “ import on a layer”
Before ( the last time I used Artrage was few monthes ago ) I didn’t have problems on importing images ( I remember importing JPG files, I’ve forgotten is it was possible for PSD or TIFF one ).
I uninstall Artrage and I install it again without success.
I hope someone will find the problem ? Thanks a lot !!