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Thread: New sticker from layer contents ( ? )

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    New sticker from layer contents ( ? )


    I notice there's the option "New stencil from layer contents". Is there the same option for stickers somewhere ? "New sticker from layer contents."

    Thank you !
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    Hi Claudine
    Sadly not but I like your thinking!
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    Actually, I believe you can get from here to there, although it's a number of steps. A stencil, I believe only carries a limited amount of information - an alpha (I believe that's the term) mask which supports opacity and transparency. If you create a stencil in the right environment - your stencil on a "Cel" canvas, you can then save it as a png. The special canvas form is critical for transparency. From there, if you follow Someonesane's tutorial on creating a sticker set (after all a sticker set is based on a sticker, in turn, potentially based on a stencil), you can create a sticker set from whatever stencil you created. Probably not as easy as one would like but it's doable.

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