In the past months I worked quite intensively with the Mac desktop version of Artrage.
Overall, it has been fine: it's stable, offers a good choice of tools, etcetera.

There's one minor point in particular that I think would make it even more pleasant to use: it's about the way you can adjust the size of your tools by dragging inside the size (percentage) box:

Attachment 80510

It turns out that, 95% of the time, I only use the bottom 10% of that scale.
For instance, for my current job, I'm using the ink pen set to something like 5% - but sometimes I need to change that to, for instance, 4% or 1%.
And that just doesn't go very well with sliding adjustment. Of course I know that I can enter it manually by tapping once and entering the percentage by keyboard - but that's awkward and a bit disruptive to the workflow. If I could switch that behaviour off, I'd do it.
So, I tend to overshoot the 4% setting so that it goes to 0% or 36% ... and in that up-and-down sliding there invariably slips the accidental single tap and UP pops that blasted keyboard input box.
*Grumble* *enter percentage manually* *OK* - or, hit cancel and go on trying to hit that 4% value.

Agreed, not a major issue, but still.
It's just annoying because there's the sense that it could be improved so easily.
I think there's a much better way to deal with this: instead of using a linear scale, why not use a logarithmic scale?

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It the scale would react this way, it would be much easier to set the tool to those small sizes where it does matter a lot if you set it to 4% or 5%.
Conversely, it does not quite matter as much to set it to 72% or 73% - so the loss of precision at the high end would not really matter. Or else, you could make it so that the user can switch between linear and log responsiveness.