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Thread: Showing and hiding linework - layer mask style

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    Showing and hiding linework - layer mask style

    Not sure if there has been a post that explains this (this is probably aimed more at beginners), but some users may be wishing that they had a layer mask functionality as found in Photoshop or Gimp to be able to 'erase and paint back' say, a base line drawing/sketch on a layer that they're using as a reference for a painting/illustration. Some artists use this as a way to remove or knock back parts of their line drawing as they paint (usually painting on a layer below with the linework layer set to 'multiply').

    A layer mask would be great for that - but Artrage doesn't provide this. However, I realise that there is a simple way of doing so without layer masks.

    Firstly, have your line drawing/sketch as your topmost layer.

    Then set the bump mode of that layer to 'Multiply' and lock the layer's transparency.

    All layers below are where you paint.

    Want to erase part of your line drawing? Select pure white as a color and start painting on your line drawing layer. White = transparent in 'multiply' mode - your line work will start to disappear.

    Want to paint back what you've erased? Use black (or any other color actually if you prefer to color it) - your line work reappears. Simple but effective.

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    Layers on my Ipad

    I read your post with interest but being new to I Pad and Artrage I am struggling to get to grips with Layers.

    Any information will be very welcome indeed so do you have any suggestions?

    Happy Easter and regards.


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