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Thread: cortar a imagem em tamanhos pre definidos

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    cortar a imagem em tamanhos pre definidos

    Hello, I created an image 10,000 pixels wide by 1080 pixels high, and I wonder how do I cut this image into several parts from already thank you

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    Nov 2013
    Hi Carlos.

    If you want to make one (or more) smaller images, then you want the CROP tool.

    Go to Edit > Crop / Expand the Canvas (or Editar > Cortar / Expandir a tela... if you are using ArtRage in Portugese).

    This will crop the image down to the size you set.

    If you wish to crop a specific area, use the Select tool (in ArtRage Studio/Studio Pro and ArtRage 4) to select an area.

    Edit > Crop To Selection / Editar > Corte demarcado na seleção

    This will crop the image down to that area.

    If you wish to save more than one image from your painting, you will need to save them as new paintings and repeat the crop of the original painting.

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