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Thread: Can't Permanently Change the Orientation of my Painting?

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    Unhappy Can't Permanently Change the Orientation of my Painting?

    Okay, so I'm using ArtRage v.3.5.11, and I'm having issues...

    I've been trying to do this on my own (checking the manual, checking google, fiddling with the features and options, etc.) and I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I've been trying to create a map for three days now and I can't get it to permanently change the orientation of the map (upside down, right side up) except with the "canvas positioner", which is not a permanent change. I tried exporting the file as a jpeg and flipping it, then reloading it as a painting, but it always loads it the wrong way round. And if I flip the painting to have it orienting upside down, I can't use tracing images right way up. It flips everything upside down. I tried going into the tracing images folder (C://program files x86... etc) and flipping the image that way, but it always loads them right side up, the way they originally were.

    What am I not doing right? I was hoping to use the outline of the map based off of an existing photo, but if I can't make it work I'm going to have to scrap the whole thing. And this is a timed project, so I don't really have the luxury of starting over...
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    I think if you could post some screenshots, preferably annotated, it might help with fully understanding what you are seeing and trying to do.
    Its a little unclear if you are trying to change the canvas or the painted content of the canvas?
    In general all of a paintings content can be permanently; flipped, rotated, resized and repositioned etc…
    If its the actual canvas you want to change proportions of then that to can be done under Edit > 'Resize Painting…' or 'Crop/Expand Canvas…'
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    If you're looking to rotate the image permanently, you'll need to use the Transform all Layers option (Edit → Transform all Layers). Once you select it, your painting will become surround by a transformation rig. You'll then need to move your mouse so that the cursor lines up with one of the edges of your painting (your cursor will turn into a circular arrow, when you're in the right spot) and then click and hold your left mouse button down, and move it around either clockwise or counter clockwise to rotate. Hold your Shift key down while doing this, to lock your image to 15° increments, for proper alignment. Hit you're Enter key, when you're done, to set the transformation.

    If you want to flip the image on the horizontal or vertical, you'll again want to use the Transform all Layers option (Edit → Transform all Layers), but this time right click over the image when it has the Transformation rig around it. A menu will appear with the options to "Flip Horizontally" or to "Flip Vertically". Select one of the options and once you see your image flip, hit your Enter key to apply the transformation.

    As for tracing images, you'll need need to flip/rotate the source image separately/externally (either with another program or as a new painting in ArtRage) and then importing the edited image in as a tracing that way, because the "Tracing" feature itself doesn't allow for those actions.

    As for why you had trouble with the exported jpeg, I'm baffled (well... depending on whether you used a photo editing program for the changes or the Windows Photo Gallery editor, that is). If the image had been flipped externally and then imported as a new painting, ArtRage really wouldn't have any reason to set it back to it's original position. Though, that's why I brought up Windows Photo Gallery. In the past, unrelated to ArtRage, I had a bit of trouble with one of the versions of Windows Photo Gallery editor, because it wasn't truly applying the changes I was making to the images. While it let me crop, rotated, color change, etc, the changes were only local to the gallery (apparently so the layperson wouldn't make a mistake and permanently ruin their photo memories). They'd print as I set them up, but if I brought them into other programs, it would be the original image that loaded up.
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