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Thread: Select layer contents

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    Select layer contents

    It would be handy if one could access the select layer contents from the layers menu. Having to go go the edit menu to get to it all the time can be tedious if one does it a lot.

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    You just hit CRTL+A.

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    Quote Originally Posted by copespeak View Post
    You just hit CRTL+A.
    I'd also recommend using a shortcut, however, using Ctrl+A (the default shortcut keys for Select All) isn't really the same thing. It would work if one were looking to copy everything on the layer, because it selects the full area of the canvas (meaning the selection dots would outline the border of the work area). However, the Select Layer Contents doesn't select the entire area of the canvas, it selects only the paint content on the layer. So placing a single mark in the lower right hand corner and using the Select Layer Contents option on that layer, the dotted selection would outline that mark, rather then the entire work area. This allows a person to make a selection mask, which can be used on separate layers (somewhat like the Stencils, in that regard).

    @Gms9810: I don't believe the Select Layer Contents option has a default shortcut for it, but you can create your own by going to Edit → Set Keyboard Shortcuts, then going to the Selection Commands group on the Keyboard Shortcuts panel and setting a key (or combination of keys) for the action, by clicking on the Select Layer Contents option there.
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    There is a default key combo for 'Select Layer Content'.
    It's alt+cmd(I suppose ctrl if using Windows)+A

    This could be set up on a tablet & pen if you need it a lot. But sooner or later there comes a point when there are just not enough free buttons on a tablet any more to assign it to!
    I too think it would be handy if it was in the Layers popup menu.
    I would note that this is an Edit command and not a Layer command.
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