I have recently come to using Art Rage and wish to put on record my admiration for a super app which is an absolute joy. I now have the Mac, iPad and iPhone versions and I have become somewhat obsessed. I have looked at the opposition and, in my humble, opinion ArtRage is superior. There are, of course, other fine apps but the variety of tools and the extreme depth of the app can do nothing but please the most talented of artists. I come from a background of watercolour and acrylic so ArtRage satisfies all my needs and more...

My computer background is Mac based and I have recently introduced a professional artist to the application and she can't wait to get to grips with the programme and believe, like me, it will become an invaluable tool to further inspire her to create even more professional work. The real beauty is that you can use as much paint and materials as you like at no cost - apart from the initial cost of an iPad, and that could be paid off with the first commission!

All at ArtRage deserve a big thank you and all the encouragement to further enhance a programme which has brought that extra special something to producing even better art for both amateur and professional alike.

Keep up the good work.