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Thread: color picker in scrap

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    color picker in scrap

    It would be quite nice to be able to use the scrap as a palette. Something like an option on the scrap to either use the current tool or the color picker. This way, I could create palettes easily by painting in the scrap, and change this option to use it as a color picker.
    I read that right now there is an option to use Alt + mouse click to do this, but I have a tablet, and I don't have any keyboard when I paint. Everything else in Artrage is great on a tablet. But for the moment, the only way to do this would be to store the colors in a palette one after the other. I lose a lot of tone in the process, so I always come back to the color wheel.

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    Did you know about the Color Sampler tool? Alt + Click is just a shortcut for it.

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    Thank you for replying. I know this tool. Using the sampler requires 3 actions, when only one could be achieved:
    - picker tool + click + paint tool
    Vs click
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