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Thread: artrage re-download help

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    Exclamation artrage re-download help

    so i bought my bamboo tablet about 8 months ago, downloaded it along with the artrage program.
    my laptop isn't working anymore so my sister offered to let me use her computer until i replace my broken one, so i can use my tablet. but for the life of me i cannot remember how to reinstall the artrage program and i never kept the paper with my registration key. is there any way i can get the program again without purchasing it?

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    If you happened to register the program in the members area, you should have access to both the product download and your registration key. Otherwise, you may be out of luck.
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    If you haven't registered it in the Member Area, there's another place you can look. If you downloaded it from Wacom, then that means that you registered on their website. It also means that you may still have the email with the details they sent you; have a look for this email, or try logging back in on their site.

    What you need is the serial number. Once you have the serial number, then you can register it in the Member Area and download it again.

    If you need a hand with this, drop us an email at

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