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Thread: Cursor not showing up in ArtRage Studio 3

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    Cursor not showing up in ArtRage Studio 3

    -I am using ArtRage Studio 3 that came with my Wacom Intuos Pen tablet (specifically, ArtRage Studio - v.3.5.11).

    -The operating system I'm using is OS X 10.9.2

    -I just got my tablet today and downloaded the free software that came with it, including Artrage Studio 3. I'm having trouble getting the cursor to show up properly. The cursor doesn't show up at all on the canvas, but I can see it when I'm selecting a color or a tool. If I try using a tool on the canvas (which is difficult because I'm doing it blindly), no marks show up until I select a new tool or change a tool setting. Also, sometimes there is a severe lag when selecting something like a new tool and I feel like I have to click on something several times in order for it to be selected.

    If anyone has some insight, that would be great.
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    Hello and welcome to ArtRage petrichor.
    That dose sound odd in that you are experiencing this problem in v3.5.11 which should have fixed it.
    Forgive me for asking but are you sure you are running ArtRage 3.5.11? This version dose not come bundled with tablets yet, (as fare as I know though I may be in error about this), as it was written after those tablets were shipped.
    You will need to download v3.5.11 from your account where you originally registered the version of AR3 that was bundled with your tablet.
    You can find some more info on Mavericks and AR3 here:
    If you still have problems with 3.5.11 it might be best to contact ArtRage support directly.
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    So it seems that I was mistaken and was not actually using 3.5.11. The ArtRage member page told me I was registered for it, but apparently I still had yet to download the upgrade. I have downloaded it and it now works. Thanks!

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