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Thread: Hope you don't mind my feelings

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    Hope you don't mind my feelings

    I really hope my friends you don't mind that i share with you all my feeling today,as i'm a stranger in the country where i live now,my hart goes out right now to the country of my roots.Memories are rushing in my mind and wet my eyes and even i'm to young to have "seen and felt" it, this came in to my mind.....

    Born and raised in Flanders fields,where now the crops are growing at great yields,
    Laid ones so many years ago the bodies of the braves.
    They came from near and came from far to rise the weapons against destruction and the hate.
    So many lives where lost, so many pain was felt,lots of blood was flowing, lots of tears where shed,many voices cried, but if it was not for all of this......i should not have been born in Flanders fields,where crops are growing at great yields.

    I love my sweet lady that i married but i miss my country where i was born.
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    Flanders Fields means a lot to us Australians, where nearly 6000 diggers died in 1916-17. Terrible times indeed.

    We don't mind that you share your feelings Rondo. It must be very hard if you miss your homeland, but how truly wonderful that you have a lady that you love.

    All I can say is count your blessings and hold her close.

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    Well Rondo, glad you're here. And so far as I know, nobody's been killed within these virtual walls.

    It's a sad poem or lyric. It's hard to be a foreigner. Even though I was born in Ohio, and always held fond remembrances of it, when I went back I found that I had outgrown it.

    Was sad seeing family who I felt so separate from after a lifetime had passed since I was there and without contact. My dad had 2 surviving sisters. The one who actually invited me to her home was sweet enough and would look at me trying to see my dad who had passed away years before in me. Her husband and my dad did not get on well. So her husband was probably waiting for me to do something to raise the old tension. My dad was troubled much of his adult life and I have no idea what he reported back to them about me. I'm sure he made hay out of how I didn't follow their religion. And they came from an ultra conservative ethnic pocket.

    And then there was his other sister who was in a rest home didn't even want to see me. And the ones my age and younger were so ensconced in their own dramas that it was as if they wondered how much of a disruption I would be.

    In other words there was a whole lot of divisive stuff that existed in the world I was born into that remained behind in Ohio, going strong still, traditional stuff that I was no longer a part of. Super conservative. A little unaware of the rest of the world.

    So I guess the point I'm making is that it's not always a place we were born into. It's also a time. And it's a bit of a shock to find that too much changed.

    It sucks in a way that I don't have a lifetime of friends and family who are still in my life like so many other people I know. I'm rather envious of their consistency. But I realized that my home is where I am, with my friends and family -- the ones who like or love me back when I'm lucky enough to find those people. I'm riding on a time line where things change and there are emotional pluses and minuses in that.

    So I suppose what I'm saying is I hear you and can understand how you can feel like you're in the wrong place, a place you're out of step with, longing for a time when your moves were in harmony with your surroundings. Only you can say.

    But I'll tell you the one thing that put me in harmony with others most was doing service work. When I got outside myself and in and around good people, the dynamics change and you may find human treasure which you were unaware of before.

    Anyway, bless you my friend.
    "Not a bit is wasted and the best is yet to come. . ." -- remembered from a dream

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    Thank goes out to you my friends,letting me feel a little better now, not only in my skin but also in this virtual world.Normally my home is where i lay my head but memories can play some funny,happy, crazy and sad trick on you.
    By seeing a image..., hearing a sound or song......memory is so easily trigger
    Being from a house of many, little of them i know and little they know me, the only thing "binding" us is the woman that brought us to this world although i have to say that between the oldest of the clan and meself a very strong bond was made from early age but sadly broke up so 40 years ago,never to be repaired
    So i have to say that only 1 heart beats over there that i really care about, the one that saw the light 33 years ago and even so far from me ? he is the closest of what i left behind.

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