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Thread: Good Cheap Tablet

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    Ray Frenden on gfx tablets...

    This is the link. Check it out. It's Worth it.

    By the way. I have had 2 Intous tablets. My second is the Intous 4 and I use one pen nib each 6 months (about). I still have not used all that came in the pen holder. They really last long. Great quality I think.

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    That looks really cool Henry!

    I have to find out whether it is compatible with Mac computers as well as how hot it gets for resting one's hand on it. I don't do well with heat and the iMac I have is like a skillet. So I couldn't use the iPen because of general discomfort no matter how appealing it is that I could draw on my 27" screen. So this is now looking better and better as the technological advancements sift in.
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    That is interesting, Wacom do make great products but I do think they keep the price high as a marketing ploy rather than reflecting the actual cost. If Monoprice can stir them up a bit, it will be better for us.

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    On the subject of cheap graphic tablets - I bought a Huion H610 just before Christmas. Previously I had a Bamboo One and was planning on getting a larger Intuos Pro. The Huion I bought for under $70AUD - I use it every day and have no problems whatsoever. I'm a hobbyist not an artist.

    I'm blocked from posting a link but I bought it from the Huion website.

    Some of the specs are:-

    Active Area 10" x 6"
    Hand Input Resolution 4000 LPI (Lines Per Inch)
    Report Rate 220 RPS
    Express Keys 8 Express keys
    Function Keys 16 Function keys
    Pressure Sensitivity 2048 Levels

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    That 19" Monoprice one looks really interesting. Spent about 1/2 hour going off on tangents looking at videos about it. Another temptation!

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