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Thread: A Few Suggestions That Would Really Help!

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    A Few Suggestions That Would Really Help!

    Hey guys. Gotta say I absolutely love this program so far. But I got some suggestions I feel would really help improve it.

    1. The Sticker Brush Tool... First thing that immediately bugs me about it is the fact that you cant see how the sticker will be laid, all you can see is the little cross hair, circle, or the tool illustration its self. It would be WAY more practical to follow in Photoshop/Gimps foot steps and have a little outline of the sticker/brush your using. Without that outline and with rotation there is absolutely no way to tell which way the sticker will be laid and this can be amazingly frustrating when you are trying to precisely place stickers in an exact position. In fact I've had to go so far as to make a stencil of the brush I'm using to get better results.

    2. Sticker Brush Tool again... a legit Opacity slider in the tool settings would be really nice. Its such a pain to go into the Spray Variations and change the alpha.

    3. Enable scrolling(with the scroll wheel) in sub lists.. I guess thats what they would be called... For instance when you are using the font tool and are trying to pick a font that little arrow you have to click takes forever when you have a 300 + fonts to scroll through. Same with the choosing a brush/sticker in the Sticker Brush tool.

    4. Show what fonts look like.. When I'm trying to pick a font, I cant see what they look like as they are all in the same font in the list. Which is extremely time consuming when trying to pick the right font, as the only thing you can do is pick a font try it out then when you figure out its not the one you want you have to pull up that list scroll through with that annoyingly slow arrow and pick another one.

    5. An option to turn shadows off with the Glitter Tube. Would come in really handy when creating textures. I feel this is possibly the biggest down fall of the glitter tube. I personally don't bedazzle my pictures and most serious artists wouldnt either. So the shadows and highlights really hurt it when you dont want to have that 3D effect.

    6. This one is just a personal opinion and dont want to offend anyone but.. rename the glitter tube lol... maybe rename it something like texture tool or something lol. Artrage is a seriously good painting software and glitter tube kind of makes it sound like a software meant for kids. This is probably the second biggest downfall of the glitter tube. I actually seen someone on Steam in the forums saying not to buy Artrage simply because it has a Glitter Tube. Saying it is a program for kids. When its most definitely not. This is an amazing painting program.

    7. Now I dont know how hard this would be to do but it would be really awesome. If you could set the softness of a brush/sticker when using the Sticker Brush Tool. For instance have the opacity get lighter towards the outer edges of the sticker/brush... just like it would with the airbrush or the eraser. It would really improve blending.

    I dont know anything about programming/coding but I think most of the above would be easy fixes/additions.

    Some additions that would be really awesome to see in Artrage:

    1. A perspective grid such as the one found in Corel Painter.

    2. A healing tool like the one in Photoshop.. would come in handy when you dont want to erase/undo and redo something.

    3. Make the Glitter Tube an all out texture tool. Come up with different ways to create all kinds of different textures with it. The Glitter tube has a ton of potential. Say I wanted to make something look dirty and torn up but at the same time be all cracked up looking. Have it to where it randomly lays a bunch of lines that looks like cracks, then I could switch over to a more gritty setting and lay down a whole bunch of dirty looking spots at random. This would be awesome. Yes you could achieve the same thing with the right stickers but this would be random and wouldnt be the same sticker applied hundreds of times. Or come with a way to create skin texture with it.... maybe that one is a bit out there but I think it would be possible. Of course it would be up to the artist to pick the right colors to make it happen.

    4. Grids.. Being able to add say a 5 x 5 grid to a reference image then a 5 x 5 grid on a layer would come in VERY useful.

    5. Dont know what this would be called but a way to see a colors complimentary color. Basically you pick a color and have another little color sample next to it or a few of them that compliment the original color.

    7. An acurate value scale.. thing lol... basically I pick a color and I'm wondering exactly what the color 5 shades darker would be or 10 shades lighter... would help when trying to achieve realism and perfect shading. I often find myself wondering if I picked the right color to go a few shades lighter or darker on something.

    8. Now this might be cheating.. but if it could be done it would be awesome. A metallic/gloss brush. Now I'm not saying something that looks like the gritty metallic you get when you take the metallic setting up on the color pallete. And I'm not saying something that looks 3d like the glitter tube. I'm talking about something that if I were painting a car.. it would kind of detect where my lines are and try to add reflections and highlights to make it look gloss or metallic. I realize this probably wouldnt ever be perfect but if it were good enough an artist could go back and add the reflections and highlights he wants to see and take out the ones he doesnt want. Maybe its a stupid idea maybe its good I dont know. But figured I'd throw it in there.

    9. A burn tool.. Say I want to make the edges of a picture look burned and have a couple burn wholes in it this would be the tool to use. Maybe have it to where you could pick other settings that do other things like make it look like the edge of the paper is turning to smoke/fog. I could see something like that coming in really handy.

    10. A paint throwing tool... Basically a way to immitate splattering paint/ink/watercolor over a canvas... and an option to turn paint shading/highlights on or off.

    I think that's all I've got at the moment. Will add more if I think of them.
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