I have art rage in my MacBook Pro and used to have it on my iPad. I have incorporated the impasto oil brushed Into my main body of work and really enjoy this program. I am hoping it will be realeased soon for galaxy 12.1 since it is one of the tablets with a pressure sensitive pen. If at all possible it would really be great if there was a way that if you click the button on the pen it turns to a color picker. Or if you can just touch with one figure anywhere and have color picker like sketchbook.

I love how in art rage you can change the brush size by moving your hand up and down on the screen I think that was a great decision they made.
I the end I am not a programmer and have no idea how to create a program like this so these are just ideas. But if I can get art rage for my galaxy that would be good enough for me. Great job to those that created it.