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Thread: how do you get back a deleted art work?

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    Wink how do you get back a deleted art work?

    I have just spent over 4 hours on a digital piece on the art rage 4 demo, then the art rage 4 demo crashed. i have lost my unsaved file.

    Can someone tell me if it is possible to reclaim it, and how to do it please


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    Sadly, you've got to save it first and as you go. Ctrl+S, Ctrl+S, Ctrl+S, Ctrl+S.........

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    Unfortunately, yes. If it was not saved, then it is usually lost in these situations.

    In the right conditions (e.g. when the computer gives it time), ArtRage will create a file called "ARRestart.ptg", which is basically an emergency save. You can always check for this file, though ArtRage will usually prompt you to open it next time it starts.

    You can also turn on back up saves (extra saves created so that you don't overwrite the existing save in case of damaged files - or if you just want to start over at an earlier point). This won't help much in a crash, or if you never save, but it is a safety net of sorts.

    Turn them on by going to Edit > ArtRage Preferences > Advanced Preferences and sliding the slider to the number of extra saves that you want as back ups.

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