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Thread: Where do you post pictures to share with others as a gallery of traditional art?

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    Where do you post pictures to share with others as a gallery of traditional art?

    I've been working hard on my blog,

    I want to be sure that folks can see my other works so I made a link gadet that points to my digital gallery here on artrage, but I want something similar for my more traditional works like my floral, weddings, ribbons, dream catchers and traditional paintings.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on good websites that do a simple gallery setting website, no muss kinda like our galleries here?

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    There are many, I think. Deviant Art has perhaps what you're looking for. Also there's an ArtRage campsite over there as well. But I think you can post any kind of art. I rarely go there, as it's all too easy to get sucked under into hours of wandering around. I just was never savvy enough to be able to find my way back to the same place twice.

    Candy store. . . that's all there is to it.

    But I'm sure people who use those kinds of sites will point you in the right direction.
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    My husband fixed up my Blogger website. Apparently I had unshared something that I shouldn't have and now my old works have returned. Thanks for the suggestions

    Not even sure what I did to mess it up... but it seems to be working again, so I'm happy.

    I tried deviantart, but I just really don't feel happy there. Feels like my underpants are on backwards... just weird old me I guess.

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