I'm new to ArtRage and thought it might be worth documenting problems I've had getting it working in a predictable way. Even if you don't have exactly the same set of issues, navigating through a similar process might help. Many thanks to the members of this forum who've gone through variations of these kinds of problems and the ArtRage support team without which I probably would never found a workable solution. This note collects information found it various posts although I wasn't able to find them again using Search.

Thanks also to wacom support for resolving (most) of my issues with the tablet itself (Intous Pro 5). I've never used (or had need of a tablet prior to ArtRage).

I'm using ArtRage 4.0.6, full version, on Windows 8.1 on a home office grade HP desktop about a year old, 8GB memory. No touch screen. I use Stardock's Start8 and ModernMix - somehow a 27" window seems a bit much. I've also got a Logitech gaming keyboard and mouse - backlit helps.

Initial problems: wacom tablet and gaming mouse seem to get in each others way. In general, right click doesn't seem to work at all. Also wireless mode on wacom tablet is erratic although when hooked up via USB seems to be acting (other than right mouse) as desired. In particular in wireless mode, only one of the led's in the touch ring lights up.

So, first thing is to update any and all drivers - suggested by this forum and particularly with a machine upgraded to 8.1 from 8.0 of Windows standard protocol. Go to HP and download and install them all. Done with that. No improvement.

Contact wacom support. Actually a good conversation but no real ideas. Suggested keep experimenting through the weekend. Eventually installed the tablet on another PC (previous generation still around) with Win 7 Pro on it. Tablet works like a champ - USB connect or wireless. Ah ha - probably the Win 8.1 machine or something on it at least.

Maybe the gaming mouse/keyboard? Uninstall and move to wireless standard HP mouse and keyboard. Same problems - probably not that. Install/uninstall wacom software, including going back to no tablet and just using regular mouse. Reinstall wacom/Logitech drivers in different order. Lot's of restarts of course.

At this point try various ArtRage preferences on input device seeing that this was commonly suggested as a problem area. Seem to be making progress, although given all the possible combinations probably didn't track as closely as I should have. No matter what I do, right click doesn't seem to work. With wacom support, I run their diagnostics, reassign buttons on pen, etc to make sure it's not the hardware somehow. Everything seems OK. But somehow along the way, I see that on the desktop, right click and drag moves the desktop from right to left. Very strange. Turns out I was (uninstalled it) using Stardock's Fences desktop enhancement (it allows you to group icon's into folders conveniently). Uninstalled Fences and all of a sudden right click works great (mouse or tablet).

Getting close. Still have a problem with the Select tool. Won't do rectangles or circles but it will allow painted masks and polygons. Back to input device preferences. Had Realtime Stylus set on, Wintab off. Changes to Wintab on, Realtime off. Now the select tool works.

Finally. Still the one led issue on the Intous but the touchring cycles like it should. For Windows, that's success.

It seems the right combination differs based on your hardware (surely if you have a touchscreen versus this traditional desktop).

As an aside, I found out about ArtRage from viewing a video on the Note 12.2 that showed an Android version (a mistake by someone). Very much looking forward to the Android version as I have various art apps on my Note 10.1, Infinite Painter being my favorite.

Hope this may be of use to others.