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Thread: Alexandra 2014 Doodles New One on Last Page

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    Alexandra 2014 Doodles New One on Last Page

    I wanted to say hello and throw in a couple of doodles I've done this year. Best wishes everyone.
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    Holy smokes, your back and with some great paintings....
    Love the bird and tree person? Hope your well, and don't
    stay gone so long next time!
    Take care friend,

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    Sandy, glad your doing some painting, these are beautiful, nice to see your work

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    Bacl with two really unique works. Love them both, but especially the tree person.

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    Sandy you crack me up... "doodles" ya right most of us would give our right arm to paint something so creative and painterly.. I love these , especially the second one for its muted tones and beautiful line work... hope we start seeing more of you again here ..

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    Gxhpainter's sandbaggin' like the art sharp he is. Let's see if he's bluffing. I see his arm and raise his left leg and the change in his right pocket. . .

    On the other hand, which seems to be heaped onto the pot, he makes a great point. You are COOKIN'!!!!!!! But you're a proper southern belle and when she's dressed to the 9s making an entrance to the cotillion and turning heads, with each compliment she demurely says, "Oh, why do you mean this little old thing, pray?"<flutter flutter> and it's enough to rock the room. Weeeeellllllllll. . . these are.

    I hate to say that in your inimitable style, your leaving produced a tree. . . with breasts!!! (or are they called knockers in this context?) Great Land o' Goshen, that's one fine Tree o' Life! And that bird is GORGEOUS!!!! Love the theme of the arcs. Oh yeah, as I was saying, whatever cross pollenization you were doing whilst on holiday, you really sprouted. . . um. . . nailed it. . . what I mean to say is you have pulled it all together. These are first rate.
    "Not a bit is wasted and the best is yet to come. . ." -- remembered from a dream

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    Dear Sandra, I'm so glad to see You back here again. You're missing since a long time now and I thought You were probably painting all the façade of Your house this time, in this quite long period off. So I was about to collect Your "identikit" in another Lost and Found Mates Thread, like You saw I did when Eighty+ was missing for quite some time!
    Both of Your 2014 "doodles", though very different as a style, are phenomenal! The second one is sheer fine art to me. I also found it strangely familiar, then I reminded Apollo and Daphne stuatuary groups and I eventually remember that I did my modest version too of that myth (I'm neither Policletus nor Fidia) and as a tribute ... Have a look. Do You remember it too?
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    Its so good to see you again Sandy, hope all is well with you. As always great paintings
    Sometimes...I remember better with my eyes closed

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    Hi dearest Steve, thanks so much. I will try. It seems that I can take a break from our money pit for a little while-haha.

    Pat and Robyn, thanks so much. I was embarrassed to upload these pictures with all of your fine oil paintings going up lately!

    Gary, you are too kind to say so. I love your work so much. I am happiest to see you dear friend, and your wonderful unique works!

    D Akey, I don't know what to say, per usual when reading your witty comments I sit here with a grin. I started to upload this tree in the after nine section, I guess she is a little curvier than most trees-haha. Thanks dear, you are a riot.

    You are kind Cesare, thank you dear friend, and how could I forget? I will always treasure your beautiful portraits. This was a rough winter here, therefore I completed some of the interior painting projects of the house. I was in such a slump, or lack of creativity spell for a while, I didn't know if I was going to be able to paint again! It is most fun though if one has such a warm group to share it with. I am looking forward to viewing your latest threads.

    Katie, thanks so much. I am doing so much better. I hope all is well with you too dear friend.

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    Sandy, so good to see you with your oh so original wonderful paintings that always make me smile

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