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Thread: CAESAR's CLOSING ON 20,000 POSTS!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!

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    CAESAR's CLOSING ON 20,000 POSTS!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!

    As I write this Caesar is posting like a fiend! He's got a mere 50 posts till he hits 20,000. . . first to plant his petard thus.

    GO CAESAR GO GO GO!!!!!! You really make the forums GO GO GO!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for all your great gioia di vivere! It's quite contagious.
    "Not a bit is wasted and the best is yet to come. . ." -- remembered from a dream

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    Grande Cesare!!!

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    GO CESARE GO, and thanks for all the enjoyment you have given
    Sometimes...I remember better with my eyes closed

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    OMG, I didn't realize to have been so longevous (and bothering so much the thread with my daubs, nonsense, crazy initiatives, stupid ideas, pseudo-lectures and sermons while perverting quite often so many good guys and decent persons by means of nudes, teasing images, flattery, enticements and allusive illustrations, puns and jokes quite dangerous for babies, children, saints who may attend Artrage Forum!
    I beg Your pardon for being so resilient, long-lasting, naughty and childish, but I can assure that it wasn't because I looked for a quantitative or duration record mention on the Guinness, but that I feel great in this Forum full of real friends, though somehow virtually met, fantastic artists, incredible personalities and so on, for whom I feel real affection and appreciation.
    Dear D Akey, thank You so much, venerable master!
    Thank You, dear Andrea, Jean, Robyn, Katie and to the ones who may follow and I certainly like and learned to love by walking aside to them in this creativity world where we shared so much, joy and, sometimes, alas, pains where no remedy or consolation could be offered, but that to make anyone feel that they weren't absolutely alone to play this sublime game of life so as to keep alive the hope that we may eventually win whatever we have to stand until we start the last adventure and discovery waiting for us all.
    I would also thank endlessly our hosting Artrage people who made a family and a large bunch of happy people by creating these sofrtware and setting up this Forum and never saw their work just as a commercial business, but rather an HeartRage issue, sheer passion broadcasted all over the world.
    God and love bless you all my dearest ones and forgive my uncertain English to express my feelings and sentiments!
    Panta rei (everything flows)!

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    Can i just say .....Thank you so much Caesar? And we all hope we are gone enjoy further your presence on this forum!!!!!

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