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Thread: How To Activate Recorder?

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    How To Activate Recorder?

    Hello ArtRage Friends,

    I'm new to this. I read of the "Recorder" on ArtRage that records the stages of the whole painting, which can then be played back as a video.
    How do I activate this recorder?
    How do I make sure the recorder stays on for the whole time I make each painting?

    Thank you for help!

    Benjamin L.M.

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    Hi Benjamin,

    The script recording feature can be found in the ArtRage Studio PRO and ArtRage 4 versions of the ArtRage program, so before you go looking for the recorder, be sure you're using the correct version of the program. The recording aspect is also available for iPad users, but you have to have a desktop version to play them back. So, if you have the correct version of the program, you can begin recording by opening ArtRage, selecting "File" and selecting "Record Script" from the menu. ArtRage will then open a panel asking if you'd like to include the current painting in the recording (which you should only worry about, if you've already started something that you wish to show in the recording), and then you can select to begin the recording process. Once you do, a new "Recorder" panel will appear, with a number of options on it for the recording process. It can be used to pause and stop the recording, or for adding adding notes, tips and spotlights to the recording, that will be seen during the playback.

    Once you've started recording a script, the process will continue until you choose to stop it. So, if you begin painting (while recording), then decide to stop for the day, you only need to save your painting as you normally would (File → Save painting As). Once the painting is saved, you may close ArtRage, at which point AR will prompt you, asking if you'd like to save the recorded script. You may do so, if you'd like, but since your expecting to continue working on it, you may simply dismiss it. When you reopen that painting, you won't need to do anything in terms of starting the recording again, because AR will automatically resume it, just as you left it. So you may just begin painting away. When you're ready to finally save the recording, save your painting (File → Save painting As), and then click on the stop button (the button with a black square) on the Recorder panel. ArtRage will stop the recording and bring up the Save Script panel, which you can use to save the recording (with a Script Name, Author, Description, and even an image banner). If you click on the stop button by mistake, don't worry. Once the Save Script Panel comes up, if you wish to resume the recording still, just select "Cancel" (to cancel the saving process) and AR will then ask if you'd like to cancel, discard, or continue the recording. At that point, clicking cancel a second time, will bring you back the save script process; clicking discard, will throw out your recording (I don't recommend that one); and clicking on continue will bring you back to your painting, so you can keep painting, without having the recording disrupted.

    I have a video discussing this process here: LINK

    As for playing the scripts back, you can either double click on the .arscript file (which will open ArtRage for you and automatically open the script playback panel), or you may open ArtRage yourself, go to "File" and select "Play Script", where you'll then need to locate the script you'd like to play. In both cases, AR will ask if you'd like to accelerate the playback, and may ask if you like to play the script at it's original size (whether it asks you this, depends on the type of script it is, and whether or not you opted to include the current painting when you started). Clicking "Play" will begin the playback of the script.

    I have another video discussing this process here: LINK
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