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Thread: importing layers from PTG file

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    Question importing layers from PTG file

    I have two .ptg file with a lot of layers.

    Now I want insert all layers in one to another ... How can I do this?
    I only find "Importing image file to layer" ,but it will merge all layers of importing file to one layer ...

    Is there any other way to import or copy multiple layer into the working file?


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    If you're on a Windows OS computer, you can open two instances of ArtRage. Then you can open each of the paintings in one of the instances of ArtRage and just Ctrl + C to copy each layer and Ctrl + P to paste them into the other painting. That can be done with the Mac's, too, but it isn't as efficient, because you can't have two instance of the program opened at the same time. So, if you are on a Mac, the best option would probably be to open the painting with the fewest layers, and export each layer as a .PNG image (best to make a short cut key for this, because you'll need to do it manually, for each layer). With the layers all exported individually. You can import them into the painting, all at once, by going to the folder they're in, selecting them all and dragging them onto the ArtRage screen, where ArtRage will then ask what you'd like to do with the images. Select the "Import to Layer" option and ArtRage will bring them all in, separately (on the last one, you'll need to hit "Enter", to set the image in place). The main downside to this method is that the layers lose any of the actual 3D paint information they had while in the original image (they won't change visually, though).
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    As Someonesane suggests, having two instances of AR open is the easiest way to do it.
    I've needed to do this myself in the past with multiple files and so wrote a simple Applescript Applet to allow me to launch two instances of AR4.
    If you are on a Mac and want to try it, you can download my Applet from here:
    The zip contains both the Applet and the script it was made from.
    Just launch the Applet the same as you would any other app and it will start first one instance of AR4 and the a few seconds later a second.
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    Thanks for reply.

    I work in windows OS. I try your suggestion and copy each layer from one instance to another.
    It work fine but is still not efficient enough ...

    Right now it is the fast way for me to do this by exporting them to psd and combining them in Photoshop then importing it back into artrage .....

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