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Thread: Saving sample in Color sample pod on Mac

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    Saving sample in Color sample pod on Mac

    I hope this is in the correct area. I am having a problem saving samples because the tutorial i am following, by the excellent Judith Tremayne is based on a PC and i have a Mca and don't know where the Artrage stuff is stored. Doubtless my dimness is to blame, and help would be appreciated...

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    Hi deeahr2169,

    You didn't mention what version of ArtRage (ArtRage 2.6, ArtRage Studio/Pro, ArtRage 4) you're using, so I'm assuming it's the latest ArtRage 4. With ArtRage 4 there are two ways of storing color samples; Exporting as .col files and adding them to the Collection sets. Because you mention not knowing where it's stored, I'm going to guess that you've used the "Export Samples" options and saved the .col file to your samples folder. Below, I've listed an easy way for you to find the default folder. However, you should be aware that if you decided to the save the .col file to a different folder at the time of export, the .col file will not be found in the default folder, but within whatever folder you exported to.

    To locate the default Samples Folder:
    Open ArtRage
    From the Menu bar at the top of the screen, select Tools → User Content → Open User Samples Folder
    ○ This will open the default folder for .col files in your ArtRage "Custom Content" folder, and should be where your .col samples are being stored.
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    Thanks very much, my version is 3.5 Studio Pro, and your explanation works fine for this.

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