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Thread: ArtRage Studio 3 Responsive Issue?

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    Question ArtRage Studio 3 Responsive Issue?

    Hi everyone,

    I purchased ArtRage 3 (with a Bamboo Splash) for my Mac over last summer and I haven't had any issues with it up until about maybe two months ago. The issue I have is that when I load up the program my cursor does not show up on the drawing screen at all. When I move it to the tool, colour, or any option selection, it will appear again. The problem is that when I decide to draw any line of any kind with any tool, it will not show up on the screen unless I click outside the program somewhere. It just stays invisible or something. I have tried to uninstall/reinstall the program, and I've just downloaded the latest driver but it still won't work. If anyone has any ideas or answers I would really, really appreciate it!


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    Hello mackenziie and welcome to the AR forums
    This sounds like the well documented Mavericks issue with older versions of AR3.5
    What version of AR3.5 do you have? AR 3.5.11 is the latest and should fix the problem for you.
    You say you downloaded the latest "driver" and it didn't help, do you mean the driver for the Bamboo from Wacom? In general that's good idea to do but I think in this case its AR3.5 you need to update as well.
    Login to your members area where you registered your copy of AR3 and download v3.5.11 and see if that gets you up and running.
    Also see this post from HannahRage:
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    ^ Thank you so much it worked perfectly! I just needed the newer version haha. Thanks again!!

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