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Thread: ArtRage Books and Things

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    ArtRage Books and Things

    Hey everyone! I've been trying to research this myself, but it has been surprisingly difficult, so I decided to crowd source.

    Do you know of any picture books illustrated with ArtRage, or books published about using ArtRage? I've got a short list, including The Ballad of Piggoty Wood and Jon Hodgson's Fantasy Art for Beginners, but I'm sure I've missed a few. It just seems like the sort of thing we should be keeping track of in some way and most illustrator credits don't list the media used.

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    I'm afraid, aside from those you've already listed, I don't know of any others off of the top of my head. You might want to send a PM to Nickillus (in case he misses this thread), because I know he uses ArtRage for commissions, so he may know of some.
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    BobbyRay and Barnburner use artrage for illustrations in their books and there's a couple others I can't recall off the top of my head. There were several children's books in the last four years I've been frequenting these forums.

    Also recall a t-shirt designer, a tattoo artist and a game developer (Orcs Must Die) mentioning that they used Artrage. I think for concept art but maybe for full game development, not sure. Sorry bout that.

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    Thanks guys. I guess I'll just have to PM everyone and hope for the best!

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    My memory brings back that people have posted over the years professional art including things they mentioned for books. But alas most of that back in the glory days has been deleted to make more space for the newer activities. I fear I cannot remember much about them other than that I was very impressed. Doesn't help you I'm afraid. Also many of the things I saw were created in conjunction with several programs, which would explain why there aren't credits for every piece of software used otherwise it would be a long list, especially when it was used in 3D animations for texture wrapping.

    But these is a decent amount of stuff that AR had a hand in. Sorry I can't be of more help.

    Here are some off the top of my head:

    The Rusty Knight by Arjen Vriezekolk (spelling?) That should have been published by now and it looks fabulous.

    And there's the years of character stuff Hanzz has done though I don't know if he went to print per say. It may be all electronic.

    Bob Rowe's a cartoonist from Chile who was using AR for his Op Ed cartoons in a newspaper down there.

    If you backtracked to the artists from China I think there might be a lot of really good work but whether they were for books I don't know.

    Fashmir is doing a lot (I recall?) of development stuff for games or movies?

    Waheednasir was using AR for movies and architectural development.

    I don't know what Henry Stahle is doing but I think he is doing books.

    Cédric Trojani may have been doing a book?

    alkratzer I think published a musician's notebook which was for musicians to make notes in. It may have been blank pages but he at least did the cover. I never saw it but i recall him saying it was done.

    Jules was doing art for print and teaching, though I don't know if a book was something she did.

    I just wonder how many people are doing books since it's only a splinter of where artists can make a living.

    etc etc. But I have not seen any books in print. So I'm just rounding up suspects for you to check out who may or may not have done what you're looking for.
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    That's awesome! I might as well work through that list, as asking directly is going to be the only way to be sure in a lot of these situations. But there are definitely a lot of new names (to me), so that's extremely helpful.

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    I illustrated a version of Thumbelina using ArtRage a year or two ago, which seems to be available only as a kindle on Amazon.
    Also did a version of Oliver Twist for an educational job, which I've never been able to track down - big help huh.

    I've also done any number of Q&A entries in ImagineFX magazine using AR.

    EDIT - Just tracked down Oliver Twist -
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    Google: Serpent King Games+Jon Hodgson. or Jon Hodgson's Fantasy Art for Beginners pdf.
    Lots on both but you have to search through it for the Artrage refrences.

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    Maybe in the future..?

    Quote Originally Posted by D Akey View Post
    ...I don't know what Henry Stahle is doing but I think he is doing books...
    I have been doing books and some interactive graphics for educational software using both Painter and Flash, not ArtRage. Now it is game graphics & StoryBook apps. Not using ArtRage for that. Maybe in the future..?

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