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Thread: V4.0.6.0 First-time-install Hang

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    Question V4.0.6.0 First-time-install Hang


    OK, maybe I'm doing something dumb here, but I've just rebuilt my PC from scratch, and installed ArtRage4 on to Win7x64.
    Went through the install OK, but the final screen (below), just will not go away. If I click on any part of it, I get the "Windows Error" sound. Had to kill the process in the end.
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    AR4 seems to work OK, just wonder why it bugged-out.

    Susi xx

    Sorry the image is so big, but thanks to the user restrictions on new users I could not paste a link.
    And, I could not upload a smaller one from my computer.
    I could have shrunk it, re-captured it, and uploaded it, but then I was cheesed-off at not being able to post a link - trying to save you image storage space...

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    That part of the process is handled entirely by Windows so unfortunately there's not much I can say regarding why it has a problem. The Windows Installer system is probably having an issue at the end of the installation, perhaps due to a virus scanner? Did the install finish correctly for you?

    Links are restricted for a short while for new forum users to help cut down on the amount of spam that is posted which is why you couldn't post one.
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    Hi Matt.

    Thanks for the reply.
    It installed fine, thank you.

    As for the links, I was only tongue-in-cheek messing about, and hoping I didn't get told off for the large picture.
    It's kind of hard to get to twisted humour across in text

    Thanks again, I really appreciate reply.

    Best Wishes,
    Susi xx
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