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Thread: What will I loose when I update iOS and artrage app?

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    What will I loose when I update iOS and artrage app?

    I've been putting off updating my iPads iOS as well as art rage for a while....

    I remember doing it once and something or a setting was lost in artrage. I remember being in the middle of a painting at the time and thinking I shouldn't do that again...

    Thing is I can't remember what I lost... So I'd like to know does updating the iOS change anything in the app.

    And what gets lost/reset when the app is updated? I have more than one piece in progress with colour samples saved. Are they at risk? Is there a way around loosing anything?

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    When the app is updated you shouldn't lose anything, but in some cases when the OS is updated the application is removed from the device during update and this removes all of its content, including your paintings. To avoid losing anything you need to back up your paintings using iTunes on a desktop or laptop computer.

    If you connect your iPad to a computer with iTunes it should appear in the list of available devices. Select it there then select the Apps tab. That should list all of the apps currently on the device - Scroll down the Apps page and you should find a File Sharing section. Select ArtRage from the list of apps in that section and a list of your current gallery paintings should appear. You can drag paintings from there to the computer to back them up, then after updating the operating system you can drag them back in to that section to restore them.
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