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Thread: Linked layers

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    Linked layers

    Hi, I have a line drawing ( a man) in one layer and the colors of that man in the layer below.
    In Pgotoshop I can link these two layers with the effect, that when I move one layer the other moves simultaniously.
    When I scale that man's line drawing, the color layer scales too.
    Is this possible in ArtRage 4?
    Thanks in advance,


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    Hi Rob

    What you will need to do is create a Layer Group. Then drag your line art layer and the colour layer into the Group.

    Then use the Group Menu and select 'Transform Group Contents'. The transform (move, scale or rotate) will affect all layers within the group.

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    Layer Groups

    Thanks Juz,

    This is something I had not thought of, because I never before used Layer Groups, but it is exactly what I needed.



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