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Thread: Multitouch gestures with Wacom Cintiq Companion Hybrid not registering

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    Quote Originally Posted by sastian View Post
    Sketchbook pro - half gets it. they have pen only mode in their android aps that use s-pen tech (wacom licensed) they have pen only input mode in their "sketchbook for tablet" available on windows 10 and surface but the tools are rationed out to not being usable and canvas size cannot be customized. thier full professional version though is lacking this feature. which is where all their real tools are.

    Sketchbook has exactly the same problem we're having. Our Android app also does stylus only mode, our iPad app offer palm rejection, our Windows 10 app is designed for touch devices, but ArtRage 4 and Sketchbook's 'professional version' are desktop programs. It's easy to add palm rejection to touch apps, because the stylus system and OS support it properly, but the desktop environment isn't designed to act the same way and has to be modified to perform like a touch app. Sometimes these workarounds don't actually work well, or only work for certain kinds of programs.

    It doesn't matter how long 'the technology' has been around if it hasn't really changed. We added the option to disable multitouch to allow people to draw easily in ArtRage and avoid this problem, and when we're sure we can add 'true' touch rejection, that actually works as intended without causing other problems for users, we'll add it. Right now, there's no way for ArtRage to differentiate between 'drawing input', 'palm resting on screen', and 'touch input', as that happens at the OS level.

    Desktop programs and Windows OS work differently from mobile, touch based, apps and OS (the mobile Windows 8 environment was a very different system to the desktop Windows 8. These were merged in Windows 10, but it doesn't retroactively change the apps themselves). This would be a useful feature in ArtRage, and we'd like to add it - just as it would be useful in all drawing programs. Some people would like to add keyboard shortcuts to the mobile apps, but that isn't really possible either - different devices specialise in different features, and we have to figure out how to make things work to compensate.

    You don't have to believe us, but the only thing that producing 'proof' that we're lying to you will change is the level of detail we explain, rather than summing up the essentials. And I'm not an actual programmer, so I can't explain which bit of code doesn't work or why, exactly, Photoshop can do it (given it appears to be the only one that matches your expectations, that would indicate that Photoshop is doing something different to everyone else, not that all other programs just aren't trying), but this is a question we get a lot, and as the person who has to answer 90% of the emails about it, I would love to be able to say 'yes, of course we support it, here's the secret incantation to make it work' or 'oh, it's definitely coming out soon'.

    But the answer isn't 'we're secretly able to do it and sit around in our underground lair playing with perfect palm rejection and laughing evilly about this awesome feature we refuse to share with our users'.

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    I read your post three times to be sure my initial reaction wasn't to hasty. It wasn't. The manor and tone in which your comments are presented is just rude. And without cause or merit. No one targeted your specific Cintique for sabotage and your attitude is uncalled for. You will not find on this planet, a group of software developers more dedicated to the improvement and advancement of their product, more interested and connected to the needs and interests of the users of their software, or more eager to assist in any way they can with any complaint or issue brought to their attention, than those who built ArtRage and monitor this forum.

    Choose to agree to disagree if you like, no problem, but drop the attitude and present an issue in a well thought out and respectful way. They will respond quickly and with a genuine hope to resolve the issue if possible. Do you get it?

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    Hey everyone,

    First off wow! I never expected anyone to miss read that I was being negative towards ArtRage. Quite the contrary, I'm actually rooting for them and I'm trying to give them the heads up on what I think should be a slam dunk against the competition. just to let you know I reread through my post and I think you're taking it the wrong way. I root for ArtRage, I think its the best software that's ever been put out there for real artists. I just see that current software proves that it's possible to register touch and pen input differently on a desktop application . it has been demonstrated in a couple of pieces of software already but it's not something that ArtRage has figured out yet at this point. Sorry to make it sound insulting. Didn't mean for it to come off like some negative thing. if you reread it yourself you'll see I'm actually rooting for ArtRage I think they're the ones that can pull it off before anyone else and garner all the attention for doing so. And no I don't believe that and touch input are the same, it may be all the desktop software is currently registering. I know that even my browser on my Cintiq can recognize whether or not it Stylus input or touch input. I know that sketchbook for tablet on Windows 10 knows the difference between pen and touch input, I know that mischief knows the difference between pen and touch. if you happen to be one of the coders and know all the intricacies of the software I apologize but if you're just responding and sticking up for ArtRage as a company I think you're taking it a touch too personally. (punny)
    A question I have for everyone replying and defending ArtRage without understanding my issues Is what are you working on it do you have a Cintiq companion to running Windows 10? do You just have an Intuos? mac os x? what's your perspective?

    anyway, I expect to try and do this on video camera. and if you still dislike me, I think I'm being too harsh, so be it. I'm just trying to point out the obvious issues with touch and pen input on a multitude of desktop applications. I know what I'm talking about can be done. It's already been done. It just hasn't been done by the software company I'm rooting for. Which currently is ArtRage above all of the others!

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    Hello sastian,

    I want to sincerely apologize for misunderstanding the tone or intent of your comments. The way you starting with the "whaaaat?!?!" and your "get's it" comment seemed harsh to me. I have to keep in mind that it is easy to misread comments made in forums. I am not a developer and certainly do not speak for anyone on the ArtRage team.

    I use ArtRage on an iMac with an Intous 5 Touch. To the extent I use gestures I have had no issues that cause problems. I get the occasional accidental rotation or unintentional mark but it doesn't happen often.

    Again, sorry for the misunderstanding.

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    Still holding out for touch rejection and it only being used for canvas manipulation

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    Question aniversary update is here!

    so, now that microsoft has pushed out the anniversary update. windows ink is supposedly overhauled . the new win10 edition of sketchbook seemed to be prewritten to take advantage of this since without updating it gained the holy grail feature of "pen only mode" and its awesome. when can we expect a version of artrage that will tap into these new drivers ?

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