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Thread: Multitouch gestures with Wacom Cintiq Companion Hybrid not registering

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    Multitouch gestures with Wacom Cintiq Companion Hybrid not registering

    When I try to perform multitouch gestures in Artrage 4 with a Companion Hybrid in Cintiq mode (in Win8 64bit), all that happens is my fingers paint on the screen and make a mess.

    Any ideas?


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    This is usually a driver-related issue.

    Open ArtRage and go to :

    > Edit > ArtRage Preferences > Input Device

    Make sure that:

    Use Realtime Stylus is ON
    Wintab is OFF
    Windows Multitouch option is ON

    If you had to change anything, restart ArtRage and try again.

    Then let us know if it doesn't work

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    That definitely helped. Thank you!

    I can now resize, rotate and position the canvas, but it still recognises finger input as if it is the pen unless I manage to place my fingers on the screen at exactly the same time, and if I accidentally lift a finger for a moment, input mimics the pen input and puts scribbles across the painting...

    So while your suggestions did get multitouch going, it's still kind of useless as it doesn't reject finger input for drawing and is very difficult to do properly...Any suggestions for making it only recognise pen input for actual drawing?

    Thanks again for your help.

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    There's no way to prevent touch input generating paint strokes in the product, but that's not something we've had a problem with in testing, we've not found that you need to be super accurate in placing fingers down to get multitouch events as opposed to single touch paint strokes.

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    Maybe it just take a bit of getting used to. Thanks for the help.

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