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Thread: DeviantART Contest

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    DeviantART Contest

    Hey ArtRagers! ArtRage now has an official group on DeviantART for collecting resources, posting tutorials, showcasing awesome art and running art contests. We're starting off quietly so if you aren't on DeviantART already, you probably haven't noticed anything. But we're about to start running a contest (or several, if it all works well).

    First contest will run for February and there is a poll on the topic here:
    (currently landscapes are winning over Tycho, I'm a bit worried about him finding out about that).

    You do have to be on DeviantART to submit your work and I'll be writing up a quick guide to adding it to the group for the contest when it launches, so don't worry if you don't know how to navigate the site.

    Anyway, go vote if you're interested, and keep an eye out for the contest. If you have any ideas for what you'd like to see as contest themes, or how you would like the contests to work, or who should win, please share. I'm sure that plenty of you will have opinions and this is the best time to let us know while we're still getting started.

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    And the contest has launched!

    The theme is Portraits (humanoid), the deadline is the last minute of February and you can enter up to two paintings. They must be new.

    The main blog post (and a selection of existing artwork from ArtRage artists) can be found here:

    Entries can be submitted here

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