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Thread: Altering a photo for large prints

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    Altering a photo for large prints

    What size photo (resolution) should I scan a photo for use in ArtRage if I intend to make a large print with the end product?

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    Scan it to the limit of your scanner, then if you import it onto your canvas to use how you want, you can 'Transform' it to fit your canvas size.

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    Are you going to be painting on the iPad? If so, the canvas size limit is 2048 pixels, so it's a fairly moot point.

    If you're going to be creating a picture in the full version, then yes, as high quality as your scanner will allow.

    What are you planning to do with the picture? You can resize the canvas as you paint, but this won't improve the original photo that you added, only the painting you do after that point. So if it's mostly a reference/guide image, then it doesn't matter. If you're just adding to the photo itself and it will still be visible at the end, then it does matter.

    Large print sizes should be at least 3000 pixels upwards, but it varies a lot with the type of image and how far back it is intended to be viewed, in my opinion. The more detail and sharp edges, the more pixels you need in the final print (also, how big is "large"?)

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