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Thread: Drawing advice please

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    Drawing advice please

    Hi all

    when learning to draw and try to copy, should i use a grid on both my work and reference pic if so how can i put a grid on reference pic and what size grid should i use inch or half inch. The other thing what should i start with.
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    Using a grid on a reference image and having it's match on your canvas is a tried and trusted method of copying and scaling images in the analog world!
    One possible way to do this all within AR would be to use the Grid Script that you can find at the bottom of this post here:
    Once you have it, put it some place safe for future use.
    Note, Right Click on the blue word "here" and choose 'Save Link As..' otherwise you will just get a browser window full of code! (see screenshot)
    Name:  Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 14.09.19.png
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    1: Open AR, start a 'New Painting' and set up your desired canvas size.
    2: Go to File > 'Import Image File To Layer'. Import the image that you want as the reference and adjust size to taste.
    3: Go to File > 'Play Script…' You will be asked to save the painting. So go ahead and save it now.
    4: AR will now open a navigation window. Locate the 'Grid Script' for AR to load. Set the divisions as you want them and run the script.
    5: Once the grid is in place, go to File 'Export Image File…' and export.
    6: Delete or if you prefer just hide the layer containing the photo.
    7: Open the Reference panel and load the image that you just exported as the new reference image.
    8: Save your painting!

    You should now have something like this screenshot (though probably minus a picture of a bug!) With the grid on the reference image exactly matching your canvas.
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    re: drawing advice please

    Are you able to scan the photo and import it as a layer? I find this easier to work with than the trace option. I just trace as much necessary to get the proportions right, then simply eliminate the photo layer.
    Another thing I've found recently, is to blur the photo layer, and use that as a way of seeing your values. It is the same idea as squinting at your reference. I might leave the photo layer on the bottom as an underpainting of sorts, or delete it once I figure out my values. There is so much paint on layers above that you can hardly notice the difference if I choose to delete it.

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    I made a one inch grid and saved it as a png file, open a copy of the image you wish to draw and place the grid on to it , save as a jpg (this is your reference image) open a new blank canvas and copy the gird to it using the Import to Layer
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