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Thread: Copic Crazed... advice from copic users?

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    Copic Crazed... advice from copic users?

    I've been sort of straying away from digital works for the time being. Enjoying getting back into the smellier and messier side of art.

    I own a lovely set of prismacolored pencils, a fabulous 9b-9h derwent pencil set, plenty of bristol.

    I came across an issue with a set of inking pens that were said to not bleed. (Except they did... and nearly ruined my picture. Had my husband not calmed my rage... I would have burned the picture on the spot.)

    So I started wondering if my Markers were the problem. I own a fantastic set of 100 or so prismacolored Markers. The pens I used to ink with are a professional set, pigma graphic sakura set of pens. I suggest using them for black and white images only....

    I inked first and started to marker my way happily until I went over top of an ink line...and SMUDGEVILLE! (incites rage... even thinking about it...)

    I've been digging into copic marker research and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what might be a good starter set. I'm initially and most likely going to be using them for manga and anime.

    Any insight into the Copic Marker mystery? Or how one might not enter into smudgeville... I hate that place... it makes me Any experience or suggestions would be fantastic.

    btw, my new website where you can see my less digital works... :

    My current tackle is working through lessons in a manga book and the occasional trip into fan art land... perhaps some of my own creations with time. Thanks in advance. You guys rock and, while I am shying away from digital... I do feel that it will be integral in working my ideas out into a format for reading. The ultimate goal is to create my own manga series.

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    I do have a few ciao copics even through I'm better at drawing digitally.
    If you want to make manga, you could try one of the gray sets, that way you don't have to spend too much money (it's so expensive) and you would have enough shades to blend...
    Unless your going for colored pictures, then the best way to buy them (separately) would be to pick one color and buy a lighter and darker shade of it

    I always use Staedtler pigment liner for inkting, never had any problems with it smudging.

    Hope that helped a bit (not really an expert)

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    Thanks for the information. I will look into the ink you mentioned and consider grays and single buys. They are expensive, but they're the best of the best. So it sounds like I need to get a good solid grey set and then pick and choose as needed for best money to marker ratio.

    Thanks again.

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    Can anyone suggest a forum or a website where I might ask more questions about the Copic Markers?

    There's so many different sets and different sized sets. One can't just plunk down half of a month's rent to buy these things. But I am really interested in hearing any opinions on these markers. Every artist I've seen youtube wise uses Copics exclusively for color. I suppose I could get a similar and same effect from a good set of prisma colored pencils with some effort into em. But I have several I need to replace of those as well.

    Also in the market for a good novice camera. Something above your average family camera, but below your novice photographer camera. If anyone can point me in the right direction for either of these two things I'd be most grateful. Thank you..


    ps. I have been enjoying the digital works in the galleries. I don't reply often, but I do lurk and see a lot of good work and a lot of improvement from several people.

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