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Thread: looking for feedback

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    Very nice improvement

    I like the improved version very much.
    It has such calm and eery feeling.
    I think you captured a warm autumn day perfectly!

    As for feedback - I think you already got some brilliant advices and suggestions here..
    I may not be the most qualified person to give comments/suggestions on other people`s paintings, because I have a tendency to paint based on my instinct rather than knowledge , , nonetheless, here are my thoughts: I would add even more shadow on the water under the dock and maybe some more warmth to the water in that area, perhaps more color. Somehow, the right bottom corner feels too light and too bright in comparison to the whole painting.

    Oh, and I would add a flying bird (or two) somewhere in the middle part of the painting, I feel like it would add more dynamism to the whole composition ... but that`s just my personal opinion
    Hope my feedback was somewhat helpful to you...
    Wish you lots of luck and inspiration!


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    Gosh, this is great...thanks again for all the suggestions. Again, I've taken what you've said to heart and changed the painting. See what you think....
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    It's a lovely painting and a lot of work has gone into it. Beautiful colour too.

    The only thing I feel is the boat kind of stops me going further into that part of the painting and my eye does want to follow the tree up and over and into the painting. Maybe it's the angle of the boat, it joins up with the pier and makes a straight line, blocks it. Just how I see it though

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    Outstanding work. The added detail really makes me want to dive in and look at it close up.

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    Nice improvements to the painting. It looks great!

    I would like to see the far waterline/tree land mass a bit straighter. It looks a bit wobbly to me. Somewhere in the mass area I feel, would benefit from a continuous straighter horizon line?

    Lovely painting as it is though.

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