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Thread: Pencil problem

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    Pencil problem

    I have a problem, when I select pencil it won't work, the lines look like crayon but really thin with somethimes gaps in it- This only happens with one of my paintings but it really bothers me because I use the pencil for all my paintings and I can't get the same smooth lines with other tools- Does anybody know how to fix this?

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    Hi Eva

    It sounds as though your pencil is interacting with the canvas texture (this is normal)

    If you wish no texture in the pencil mark try the following:-

    View Menu > Canvas Settings

    Set the 'Roughness' Value = 0

    Try your pencil on the canvas again.

    Hopefully this solves your issue
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    There's also the Precise setting for the Pencil Tool itself. With it active, the Pencil doesn't interact with the canvas or layer grains and the Tilt Angle is swapped for a Smoothing setting, to assist with line wobble.

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    thank you for the advice it really helped :3

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