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Thread: Levels & Colour to Alpha adjustment tool, please.

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    Levels & Colour to Alpha adjustment tool, please.

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    I mostly sketch (BW lineart, graphite or colour pencils) on paper, scan it in and add colour to the sketch in ArtRage. I sometimes don't want to make the sketch the top layer using the multiply mode or painting on top of the sketch using the same layering method. The scan is often "unclean" and needs some hard work to clean up manually. Instead I want the sketch to turn into an Alpha image, just grayscale, on a top layer in the default mode painting.

    There is a Little plug in called KillWhite that I have used in ArtRage. It is supposed to remove White, and it does. It is not that good, since it leaves a lot of texture and grit as you can see in the image to the left. If I use Gimp I can manage this image editing by using the Levels adjustment tool and then the "Colour to Alpha" wich results in a very clean sketch as you can see in the image to the right. All white (or whatever colour you pick) becomes transparent while the drawing stays nicely opaque and Clean.

    I would really like to see those adjusters in ArtRage: the Levels and Colour to Alpha. They are worth GOLD when you are illustrating using traditional sketching /drawing/ line art + digital colouring.

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