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Thread: Playing script messing up painting!

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    Playing script messing up painting!

    Hello..Im new to the ArtRage community. I have ArtRage on my ipad and LOVE it!! Ive been wanting to get my paintings on canvas and heard about being able to record script and transfer to computer for larger sizing and good quality. So I purchased to artrage program for the computer to try it and it doesn't work..When I play the script it completely messes up my painting! Which is upsetting considering I just purchased computer program for this purpose. Am I doing something wrong?? Does anyone have any ideas why this would happen? It has happen to any picture I have tried (4 of them) I record on Ipad transport to computer through iTunes and "Play Script" on computer. I have tried multiple sizes and pixel quality. I would like to do around 300 pixels and print size of 16x20. I really hope there is a way to fix this because I really do love ArtRage.

    Any input welcomed. I have attached 2 pictures. What it should look like and what the script turns out.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    New findings

    I've been messing with it and have discovered when I play script in original size it gets it about 95% right. It's when I play it at a larger size that it begins to really mess up. Hope someone can help..


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    Sorry you've been having problems.

    Could you zip it into as small a file as possible and email the script you're using through to so we can take a look and troubleshoot with you?

    Could you also let us know what sizes you were trying to work at and What operating system you're using.

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    The problem that I have had is that when I am recording a script, if I pause the script to take a break, and come back, or just pause the script recording for a moment for whatever reason...If you ever forget to start it again, then do some painting, then start it again once you realise...that part of the painting will be missing in the end script file.

    I have had this mess up a few script files now. It is very difficult to be mindful of it. Even if you do not actually paint anything, and merely move the position on the canvas and the restart the script, when you play back the script it's positioning will be completely off and not focused on the area that you are painting any more...

    I have had to guess the amount of undos needed to go back to where the script was paused before, or in some cases, revert to an earlier save and have to redo over an hours worth of work to fix a couples of minutes of painting on a paused script files...Very frustrating.

    If any of the Artrage dev guys see this...I have a suggestion:

    When you pause a script, give the user an option (a notice when starting the script would be good) to enable a feature which automatically restarts a paused script recording as soon as you either move the canvas position, zoom in/out, or apply any mark to the canvas.

    This way, we do not have to be super mindful every time we are recording a script and won't end up with so many ruined scripts.

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    I wouldn't mind having an option to set the recording to auto start again, if something significant (read: something that would normally be recorded) happened. I could see it causing some trouble too, though (for those members who have cats that like keyboards, or curious kids).

    What works for me, is placing the recording panel in the center of my screen, after I pause it. Then, when I get back to it, it's impossible to forget, because it's the way of my canvas. A virtual string on the finger, in a way.
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    Pause option

    Regarding the pausing. I don't believe this is what's happening due to the fact I'm using iPad and there is no pause button. Idk. It must just pause if u exit and start up again when you start..maybe starting and stopping a bunch could cause issues? I will email you guys the script and all the info..glad to have this forum for help..lots of good info. Artrage is my new love in the winter because I paint in garage and it's freezing out there now, so I set on my warm couch and paint away on the iPad! Very excited to see how prints turn out on canvas!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fourshay View Post
    Very excited to see how prints turn out on canvas!
    They look fantastic. I just had one done and stretched over a frame and it looks great. Will definitely be getting more done in the future. The cool thing is that the canvas is fine enough that you can use use 'rough canvas' in Artrage and the emulated texture doesn't conflict with the the actual canvas texture.

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    Regarding pause: If you walk away from a script while it's recording, nothing gets recorded, no data is added to the script file (it's not like a video file where 'frames' are recorded during downtime if recording is turned on). If you play back that file later without turning on the option to speed up playback then there will be a huge pause at the point you left, but the playback controls let you skip that as it happens if you want.

    Pausing is in there for people who want to do scripts that require realtime playback - For example tutorial scripts where you want to take your time over painting something, or you're using annotations and want to make sure they appear for a length of time. In those cases, pausing when you need to walk away from recording is useful because it doesn't add pauses to the final playback that you might not want.

    For people who are just recording a script so that the image can be reproduced later - Don't pause when you walk away, there's no need to and you might end up having problems as described above.
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