Hey guys wanting to figure out how to record my screen as I'm painting and then speed the video up. Now I currently have Microsoft Expression Encoder. It works great for recording... but there's no way I've found to speed the video up. Kinda looking for something that will automatically do that for me as its recording so I dont end up with a video thats x amount of hours long that I have to edit down.

Just trying to figure out how people go about making "speed painting" videos. How do you get a 5 to 10 minute video out of 4-5 hours of painting? Or do I have to record it in real time then edit it down in a different video editing software?

Looking for the most cost effective way to do this. Not going to spend hundreds of dollars on Camtasia or Sony Vegas to do this...

Would be great to find something free or anywhere between free and $20.00.

Also need something that works off line as I do most of my painting where I dont have an internet connection(at work believe it or not).