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Thread: Colour Blending Comparing

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    Colour Blending Comparing

    Blending in IRL and in the Digital Environment is not at all the same. AR has the "Real Blending Mode" that is in some aspects good and tries to get closer to the colour blending of true paint. I have mixes some colors on paper to try to demonstrate how these programs compare to each other. I don't care about the difference too much since I am used to the digital blending. But some people find it a bit irritating that a computer does not behave exactly the same as "the real thing". As you can see the there is no "right" blending in these examples. The RL examples are at the bottom of each Picture. I tred to use the same amount of both Paints when I was mixing them.

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    Thanks very much for sharing this!

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    Good exploring Henry! Thanks for posting it.
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    Very interesting information. It is interesting to note how saturated the mixing results in AR vs real life (though AR is clearly ahead of the other programs simulating how colour works). I guess it has to be with the old pigment vs light debate referred to mixing tube paint and mixing light in a monitor.

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